Showing Strategy

I Qualify All Showing Appointments

Obtaining accurate feedback from other agents is crucial in the listing process.  To position your property correctly in the current market, we might recommend using pre-marketing techniques in order to obtain valuable feedback from other agents prior to formulating a concrete marketing strategy.  This may involve broker opens and utilizing off-MLS marketing resources such as the Century21Award.com internal application and the PWR network which is only available to the top 10% of agents citywide.

Prepare for the Showing

Showing Feedback 
Once hitting the market, showing agents provide feedback that can help in addressing any deficiencies potential buyers are noticing and re-position the property if necessary.  Agents obtain feedback in a variety of ways, however, the most common is a short drop down form seen below.

Use This List As Your Guide As You Prepare for Buyers to View Your Home.

  1. CLEAN UP EVERY ROOM. Check counters, floors, closets, halls, and stairs. Make beds. Straighten or remove newspapers, magazines, mail, toys, clothing, recreation gear, snack glasses, and dishes. 

  2. TURN ON THE LIGHTS. Turn them on even during the day, especially in halls and dark areas. Don’t forget closets and utility rooms. 

  3. OPEN THE BLINDS. Be sure they are open all the way to promote views and allow more sunlight in all rooms. 

  4. CLEAR THE KITCHEN. Clean and wipe all counters and appliances and put all dishes away or in the dishwasher. Clean the sink and run the disposal. 

  5. FRESHEN UP THE BATHS. Straighten washcloths and towels, replace them with fresh, attractive ones if possible. Clean the sink and wipe counters. Air out if mist lingers from a recent shower. 

  6. PLEASE DEPART. Try to give the buyers as much privacy as possible. Buyers are often uncomfortable speaking in front of the owners. They will talk and look more freely if you can make yourself scarce.

Only Have 15 Minutes or Less?  Here are the essentials;

Put dirty dishes inside the dishwasher or quickly wash them. Make the beds. Wipe the counters. Empty the garbage. Hide dirty clothes in the washing machine. Turn on the lights. Leave the house.    

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