Advanced Marketing Techniques

Custom Marketing Program Included With Each Listing

Video Tour Package

Full-Length Property Video

  • Full-length listing video to include home, building, property amenities, and neighborhood highlights

Social Media Clip

  • The full-length listing video will receive a Facebook and Instagram friendly version of the video as well as for instructions for sharing

Zillow Video Walkthrough

  • Video to be featured as Zillow walkthrough video

3-D iGUIDE Tour: Interactive, Realistic, Immersive

Benefits Include:

  • Interactive 3-D model of the entire property for the most realistic and immersive experience possible short of actually walking through a home! 
  • 3D virtual tour with floorplan & accurate square footage measurements
  • Floor plans are a great way to represent a space in 2 dimensions and understand an entire property at a glance. They give context for each room relative to the whole and help with planning and decision making.
  • Floor and room dimensions – iGUIDE 3D tour camera’s time-of-flight laser scanner gives confidence in measurements. Feel assured that you can deliver reliable measurements and floor plans with a typical dimensional uncertainty of 0.5% or smaller
  • State of the art marketing presentation tool syndicated to all supporting websites
  • High-definition interior & exterior HDR photos including aerials
  • Creation of a near life-like walkthrough for prospective buyers
  • Fully compatible with Samsung VR and other virtual reality headsets
  • Neighborhood information is useful for finding schools, restaurants, libraries, and transit. The surrounding area is important and can be more important than the property itself.


Social Media


  • Video advertisement featured on account with over 10,000 active followers with the majority being in the Orange County area 
  • Targeted hashtags to produce the maximum amount of exposure 
  • Second-party support to produce the maximum amount of exposure


  • Video advertisement prominently featured on News Feed 
  • Advanced demographic targeting including age, location, education, income, interest, behaviors, and likelihood to move 


  • Video advertisement linked to Instagram account 


  • The full-length video featured on both Century 21.com and personal account page

Targeted Digital Marketing

Property specific digital advertisement targeting people within a 5-mile radius of your home who have recently browsed real estate related websites 


Websites where the advertisement will be placed include but are not limited to the following: 

  • CNN, NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post 
  • ESPN 
  • Yahoo and MSN.com 
  • YouTube.com 
  • Trulia, and Zillow 
  • Facebook 
  • Century21.com 
  • CenturyAward.com

Additional Exposure

All Property Tour Videos to be featured in the following locations: 

  • Property’s listing detail page on JamesFestini.com 
  • JamesFestini.com YouTube Channel 
  • JamesFestini.com social media accounts 
    • Facebook 
    • Instagram 
    • Twitter 
  • JamesFestini.com Video Library 
  • Syndication Websites: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Century21.com, Century21Award.com, Finehomes.Century21.com

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